Monday, August 18, 2014

Catching Light - Mykonos at Dawn

After a blog re-design hiatus of eight months, a new meme, "Inspiring Photography-Catching Light" hosted by Monica at Nature Footstep Memes has inspired me to get posting again. So, please ignore the signs of "under construction" on my blog and enjoy the breaking dawn light as my cruise ship, the Lewis Crystal, came into the harbor of the Greek island of Mykonos (June 2014).  All these photos were shot through my cabin port holes. That "crackling" is from salt spray on the glass.

(Click on images to enlarge --I'm still trying to figure out how to manage larger photos in my blog template. :-)

I started shooting before dawn, sun rising over the open sea:

Here you can see ghostly outlines of the Mykonos harbor and its lights through heavy fog:

A favorite shot in this series, the little red tug boat that could -guide our ship into the harbor:

Shadowed structures on the dock:

Views: of the waterfront before fog fully lifted, sunlight just starting to hit the buildings:
Golden dawn light on the harbor:

Hope you enjoyed my attempts to "catch the light". Be sure to go over to Monica's place at Nature Footstep Memes to link to more light shots.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mosaic Monday - Swiss Travel Dog

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While on a somewhat blogging hiatus over the recent holidays I was trying to come up with some fresh post topics for the new year.  Here's my first effort:  Dog a Day.  Whenever I travel I miss my dog(s) that are left at home.  So, not far into the trip I'm looking for dogs to pet and photograph no matter what country I'm traveling in.  To begin this series I give you the Swiss Bernese Mountain Dog from a 2008 European trip.

Spotted this grand dog at an outdoor cafĂ© in the historic center of Lucerne, Switzerland.  The Bernese is as much a symbol of Switzerland as its red cross flag (flying from buildings in top left photo), chocolate, and fine timepieces.  The Reuss River runs through the historic city center and cafes and shops line either side of the river where the Swiss enjoy the outdoors.  The flower decked wooden Chapel Bridge spans the river and provides a beautiful walkway.  This wooden bridge is one of the oldest in Europe, built in the 1330s.  The inside bridge roof is covered with very old paintings.  Middle right photo was taken from a cruise boat on Lake Lucerne and is the classic Swiss landscape of small wooden farmhouses and chalets nestled into the steep mountainside.  Lower right is a shot of the cloud-covered Alps.  I took this pic from the summit of Mount Pilatus near Lucerne.  Getting to the summit involved thrilling rides in a cable car, ski lift AND aerial gondola!  Think you'll agree that the view was worth the effort.

So, I hope you enjoyed this first Dog a Day post.  If so, come back next week.  Who knows where we'll go-Russia, Italy, France, New Zealand? 

Linking to Mosaic Monday

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best of 2013 Photography - May, June & July

I'm a bit behind with spotlighting favorite photos/subjects from 2013. So, today I'll share my picks for May, June, and July:


In May I became interested in photographing the many beautiful historical churches in Louisville so that I could participate in the weekly InSPIREd Sunday meme where we share interesting churches and other places of worship.

It happens that many of Louisville's historic churches are Episcopalian.  As I went around town taking photos of them, noticed that they all had red doors from the grandest cathedrals to the simplest stone churches.  Learned that the Episcopalian red doors symbolize many things, but primarily sanctuary and the Blood of Christ and His sacrifice.  This great example is Advent Episcopal in the Highlands of Louisville:

~click on images to enlarge~


For June I'll go back to one of my favorite spots for photographs -- Beargrass Creek from the Belnap Bridge in Cherokee Park.  In particular, I love getting shots of this wonderfully gnarled old tree in all seasons and times of the day.  Here a touch of pure summer fun with the inner tube swing hanging out over the creek.  BTW, this is my reminder to you that summer will return, although you may not think so in the frigid cold of this week!

July was not the greatest month for photography here at Summit Court.  First, it was the start of several months of ongoing problems with internet/DSL and my computer's performance which kept me from blogging on a regular basis.  In addition, it was a time when I was dealing with serious health and caregiving issues for my elderly family members.  On the positive, however, it was about this time that I started getting interested in attracting birds to the yard and trying to ID them.  So, I chose this collage of Chet in his favorite spot--lying by the front door and peering out at the birds.  He has taken a very laid back stance on his Roommate's new obsession with birds!
Picks for August - December still to come!  Am finding that going back though photo archives is a great way to see what happened in 2013.  You?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Best of 2013 - April Photography - Spotted Pony and Sunny Yellow

For the April pick of best photos of 2013 I chose this friendly spotted pony at a riding stable out in eastern Jefferson County.  I went back later in the year and was pleased to see my friend still in the pasture.
And just for the benefit of all my friends who hate this bitter cold winter weather that we're currently experiencing, how about some sunny yellow?  Hang on!  The forsythia will be blooming before you know it! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best of 2013- March Photography - Fraidy Dog

Chet here, folks -- Happy New Year from me and the Roommate.  We almost didn't make it under the wire with our greeting because we're having DSL/internet problems AGAIN.  Luckily the red light stopped blinking long enough for us to send out best wishes for 2014 to all our blog friends.  You all are GEMS!
The Roommate chose these photos of me in my literary thunder shirt as her favorite photography subject for March 2013.  Personally, I thought there were better photos of me, but she does the picking since they're her photos.  Anyhoo!  The back story here is that when I was just a little more than a year old (March 2013) I suddenly lost all my happy-go-lucky Chetness and started being afraid of loud noises and flashes.  We tried me wearing this thunder shirt, but it didn't work.  Now when the sky turns the least bit grey the Roommate gives me a little green pill.  Still haven't figured out why she likes to call me Lindsay Lohan. . .

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013 - February Photography - Gothic Gatehouse

Continuing with a look back at favorite photos/subjects in 2013, for February I choose the Crescent Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse.  This fabulous gothic "castle", built in the 1870s, houses the valves which control the flow of water for the Louisville water reservoir.  This 110 million gallon basin holds water pumped from the Ohio River to be filtered for the city's drinking water. 
The gatehouse is ornamented with many gothic architectural details such as the huge water urns on each of the roof points.  An elaborate iron fence runs all around the reservoir.  The path goes all around too and is a favorite walking, jogging and photography site, especially at sunset when you can catch this golden light--if you're lucky!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best of 2013 - January Photography - Pastel Skies

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In this last week of the year I always enjoy looking back over the last 12 months and reflecting on what the new year may bring. First "looking back" will be of the subjects and themes I've explored each month in the photos I've taken. Almost every day I take a few photos --some I'm really happy with the photo or the subject, others not so great. At least this January-December review will provide some clues of what was catching my interest as the year went on. For January I chose "Pastel Skies"--just a few quick photos of a soft early morning sunrise.