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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Willie Voted Today

Today Kentuckians get to vote to keep our existing rogue's gallery of state officials or send them packing by electing a new set that will more than likely disappoint before the yard signs are all down. Actually, this lead in is more cynical than I feel, but there's a kernel of reality--or inevitability--in my mind. Anyway, I woke up early this morning eager to get to the polls and cast a vote for my guys and gal.

Willie gets all agitated in the mornings when he sees me lacing up walking shoes because that means we're supposed to head out for our daily forced march. Since the polling center is in the high school gym that we pass on our daily walks, I figured we may as well multi-task by voting and walking at the same time. Anyway, to be fair to Willie, if he's had to listen to all the debates and lay patiently under my desk while I track the races on my favorite political blogs, he at least should get his much loved romp out of the deal. He also has a brand new leash that needed trying out.

When we got to the polling place I tied his leash to a tree far enough out in the parking lot that he wouldn't get into trouble with election officials by trying to influence other voters to cast their votes for our slate. I warned him not to look cute--which he does so well-- in order to coax people over to him so he could tell them who we were for. We went through our vote one last time just to be sure--we don't vote a straight Democratic or Republican ticket as there are idiots/vote wasters on both sides. I then left him sitting under the tree and went in to cast our vote.

Willie and I will be up late tonight waiting for the election results to come in. Hopefully by bed-time we'll have some new leaders in Frankfort who will understand that they don't need to worry about my bedroom or the state of my soul--I've been managing fine in those areas without them for more years than I care to admit. It should work out well to divy up the responsibility--I'll do my part and they can focus on the economy, education, health care, and promoting our beautiful state.

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KittyHawk said...

Luckily the margin of victory was large enough that WIllie didn't have to force the issue himself!