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Friday, February 15, 2008

Load O Pups

What better way to spend Valentine's Day than helping two sweet puppies spring the animal shelter and get on their way to finding a forever home? That's exactly what friend Kittyhawk and I did yesterday. We picked up Toby and Taz, two brother border collies, in central Kentucky and transported them to a "half-way house" in Ohio. These babies were part of a litter of seven that had been turned in to the Harrodsburg animal shelter. They are seven months old and had spent their entire lives at the shelter, waiting for a home. We were happy to load them up in the Dogmobile and get them off in a new direction.
Neither knew how to walk on a leash and were freaked out by snow covered ground. I actually don't know if they had ever been out of the dog run to even set foot on the ground. Their fears and behaviors further emphasized the need for people to volunteer at shelters to walk these dogs, play with them and socialize them so that they're more adoptable. For sure, I'm going to make time to do this.

The Border Boys were quiet--and smelly--on the three hour drive. When we stopped for gas I found out why. Both had gotten carsick. Now I'm new to dog transporting, but I had planned for all emergencies--newspapers, an apron coverup, spray cleaner, and--most importantly--air freshner! We were soon re-organized and on our way to Ohio.

We delivered them safely to their half-way house. The Blue Moon Catahoula and Big Dog Rescue group already has foster homes lined up while they find permanent homes. By spring I hope Taz and Toby will be able to run and play in their own yards as all dogs deserve.

Trip Bonus: I got to meet Bear, a full-grown Newfoundland! What a thrill to be greeted by 150 lbs. of friendly dog.


Kaycie said...

Good for you. That sounds like a satisfying thing to do.

KittyHawk said...

The trip was definitely the highlight of my Valentine's Day! ;-)

laurie said...

oh, god bless you for that!

Lane said...

I loved reading this.
I'm guessing you covered alot of miles but what better road trip than a doggy one like this.

(The Border Boys! Lovely:-)

-Ann said...

Excellent - that sounds like a great way to spend time.

Patience-please said...

Good luck to Toby and Taz! Here's hoping that their forever homes find them sooner than soon!

all the best-

Alison said...

you are an angel on earth!!! what a wonderful thing you are doing!!...BTW.. I love Newfies..they are my favorite!!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

What a terrific way to spend a day. Good for you!