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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Day's Foot Gear

(Our host for this week's Fun Monday is Gattina over at Writer's Cramps . She dares us to expose our winter feet by modeling what we wear in the house--slippers, flip flops, or nothing. Sorry Gattina! I thought I could do it when I signed up, but I've lost my nerve for which readers should be grateful. Instead, I'll show you a day's foot gear.)

Many years ago I was a shoeaholic. My Dexter loafers had to have the regulation beef roll. I had the first pair of round-toed pumps--navy Nina's--when everyone else was still wearing pointy toes. I gave up stilletos for clunky stack heels. Then there were the pastel ballarina slippers to match every outfit. You get the idea.
Somewhere along the way my feet got tired and sore from standing on them all day earning a living. Now my shoe rack is pretty dull as you can see in the lineup below:

Starting in the upper right, I'll describe the foot gear I wear on an almost daily basis. And, by the way, Willie's foot gear is in the photo as well.

Black loafers--these stay by the front door. First thing in the morning I slip into these and put the red leash on Willie that's hanging on the door knob. We then make the loong-g-g walk to the curbside newspaper box. I counted the steps this morning and it's about 30 strides to collect the paper. Willie doesn't care. You'd think we were heading out on a marathon by his level of excitement.
Black flip flops--these are my all season indoor shoes because my feet get really hot. At the end of the summer I always buy an extra pair for the winter.
Grey ragg socks--these I wear inside if it's really cold. When the power goes off for a week I wear two pair of these!
Blue Iditarod booties--these belong to Willie. More about them later.
MBT walkers--these funny looking sneakers are what I'm wearing to train for a six day volkssport walk through five southern states in March. These shoes were designed by a Swiss engineer to mimic the benefits of walking barefoot on natural ground. His inspiration was an East African Masai tribe who are legendary barefoot walkers. The thick rocker-shaped soles create an instability that forces you to stand straight when walking and engage your leg and hip muscles more completely. All I know is that a few miles in them is a real workout!
Black wedgies--the closest I have to dress shoes and always right with my black slacks uniform.
White athletic socks--if I'm not wearing the black socks, I'll wear these white ones with the blue lines for pilates. They're ventilated and my pilates instructor, Julie, can tell when she needs to get after me for rolling my feet out in some of the exercises. The fancy word for that is pronation, I believe. So if my blue lines are straight, Julie shouldn't be ragging me about letting my feet roll.
Now back to Willie's iditarod booties. As you can see in this photo he's not nearly as appreciative of them as he should be. They're actually quite special. His Aunt Jane and Uncle Robert are great fans of Alaska and the annual iditarod dog sled races. They brought these authentic dog booties back from one of their many trips to Alaska. They enjoy being around the dogs and the mushers. In fact, in some years they've volunteered to work at a rest station along the over 1,000 mile race course. They'll serve meals to the mushers or do recordkeeping or help with dog supplies. Here they're at a musher training camp getting a little ride from the dogs. It looks like everyone is having a great time, doesn't it?

Now I'm eager to see which Fun Monday participants had the nerve to show off their feet or their bunny slippers! Be sure to check Gattina's blog for a list of feet on display.


Jan said...

I was never a shoeaholic, like you, but I do understand about tired feet. I've worked retail for years and that requires good shoes.

Gattina said...

I have never been a shoeaholic. You can live besides me for 20 years and I wouldn't even know if you are barefoot ! I don't have a lot of shoes, just what is absolutely necessary, but then I like it fancy.
That's why my favourite shoe in your selection are the once of dog Willie ! That's nice when they put salt on the snow !

Pamela said...

I remember when I had a closet full of shoes.

One thing I learned is that it's easier to vacuum when there are less shoes to move around in there.

Has Willie ever worn those on a long walk?

Mariposa said...

I'm a shoeaholic myself...and I so enjoyed reading your post! Lately, I'm more into taking care of my feet...so I've switched to buying more friendly shoes...and only wear those high heels when 'needed'.

Happy Fun Monday...

Hootin' Anni said...

I still have a lot of shoes, but prefer bare feet myself.

Love the doggie boots!!

Happy Fun Monday.

Janis said...

Its funny how our feet make us become practical. Willie is a lucky dog to have his own booties. My post is up also, come visit, my name did not make the list this week. Thanks for sharing Faye

Sayre said...

We've been thinking about getting some kind of booties for our big dog, Revan. My husband takes the dogs out running with the bike in the woods. Kida is a running dog - part shepard and part whippet. She can go forever and still want more. Revan is a big, furry golden retriever and possibly Newfoundland (we're gonna do the DNA test to see exactly what he is) and although he loves going, he limps the next day. One of his pads seems to keep splitting. I wonder if booties would help?

Cool walking shoes! and I love that your instructor watches your feet to see if your doing your form correctly!!!

Faye said...

Jan--working is dangerous for your feet--messed mine up standing on uncarpeted floors.

Gattina--when we get ice and the roads have to be treated I wash Willie's paws when we get home from a walk.

Pamela--I keep all my shoes on one rack so I don't have the pressure of moving shoes AND remembering how to use the sweeper--giggle. . .

Mariposa--luckily you can find fashionable shoes that don't kill your feet. One exception, the extremely pointed toes that are in vogue now--where do your toes go???

Hootin' Anni--I wish Willie loved his booties too!

Janis--agreed, hurting feet make for a very unpleasant person.

Sayre--I looked closely at several iditarod sled teams and all the dogs had on booties. I believe that at each stop on the race the mushers check the dogs' paws and treat them with thick salves or petroleum jelly. I wonder if that udder cream(sold in drugstores) would work for you pup? It's original use was for cow's teats that were cracked and sore. That's what happens to dog paws sometimes.

SwampAngel65 said...

I used to be a shoeaholic. Somewhere through the years, I've lost that addiction. Now it's all about comfort - sneakers, sandals and a good pair of hiking boots!

Sallymademedoit said...

Eek! Sarah Jessica Parker in hell!! But there's still hope. Black remains the color of choice. By the way, dearie, if you need to take another shoe inventory photo, please let me provide. I've got oodles of goodies :)


m (the misanthrope) said...

Great collection, Faye! Where you see "dull", I see "practical and functional!" I love the walking shoes. I did some physical therapy last year for my knee issues, and I was informed in no uncertain terms that I walk like Charlie Chaplin. (Thanks, smug PT lady!) I've been trying NOT to turn my feet outwards when I walk.

And Willie's booties are awesome! I worry about dogs at this time of year, walking outside with all that icky snow-melting stuff.

Keep us posted on your March walking plans - how exciting! Happy FM to you!

m (the misanthrope) said...

P.S. I wonder if I can EVER leave you just one comment :-) You mentioned Laurel Burch in a comment - the name is familiar but I haven't seen her work! If "quirky" and "animals" are in the description, I need to check it out!

And thanks for asking about the neti pot! It helped somewhat, but I ended up needing to resort to the antibiotics. My sinuses are my Achilles heel and I've had trouble with them since childhood *sigh* Come on, summer!

Lane said...

I've often wondered if those MBT walkers work. Seems they do!

I have spent the entire winter in battered but faithful old boots. Much as I love them, I can't wait to get my feet out and wear sandals again. Flat, comfy ones of course. I've never been able to do heels.

Love Willie's booties. Does he mind wearing them?

ChrisB said...

Oh dear do I confess to having loads of shoes that I keep just in case I will wear them again or they are too good to throw out but only worn once to a wedding!

Willie's bootie is so cute.

Alison said...

those walking shoes look very interesting...I may have to research them.

Jo said...

I went through a brief shoeaholic phase myself and still have too many pairs on the closet.

I agree - - Willie doesn't look like he gives the proper appreciation to that wonderful gift from his Aunt and Uncle.

Alice Audrey said...

No way I'm exposing my winter feet. Summer feet either. I live year round in crocks anyway.

Ari_1965 said...

I'm hosting Fun Monday on 2/23

The Church Lady said...

I am still a shoeaholic. But I do have my favorites. I love the dog booties. I do not think my Lab would have them on for one minute!

colleen said...

I have family members who are and some border on having foot fetishes. Luckily I missed that gene.

Debs said...

So funny. My shoes are rather like the ones in the photo too. I do have a few high, gorgeous ones in my wardrobe, but wear them less and less.

Janice said...

Come clean, Lovey! Where do you hide the Manolos?

Swampwitch said...

Oh, so sorry I missed this Mon Funday...I am a shoe-a-holic.
So many shoes...so little time.