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Monday, March 23, 2009

If It's Thursday. . .

(A cautionary tale about ditched underwear is what our Fun Monday host, Margaret, over at Mama Drama is looking for today. Recently she spotted a pair of pristine whiteys in the parking garage where she works doing all manner of professional stuff. Click on the Mama Drama link for photographic proof, if you don't believe me. How did that happen, she wonders? And why the parking garage? Well, here's my theory.)

C is a recovering obsessive compulsive. None of his colleagues in the Professional Towers Building would ever guess the secrets he carries around. They see him as a great work partner and after hours buddy. Everyone admires his commitment to staying healthy in a stressful work environment. Every day during lunch he's at the gym across the street from the Tower getting in a fast workout. When it's his turn to drive to a meeting, his passengers always give him grief because they have to sit on that ever ready gym bag in the backseat of his car.

As I mentioned, C is a recovering obsessive compulsive with a lot to hide. He still rotates his cereal boxes--cheerios on Mondays, raisin bran on Tuesdays--and collects the Madagascar characters from Reese's Puffs. He only uses security envelopes for paying his bills, not trusting online payments or the envelopes provided with his bills. He carries hand sanitizer on a secret key ring. He lines the toilet seat in the men's room. And, he must wear these--Days of the Week underwear. This had been the worst compulsion to break. His goal is to eventually be able to give them up. Monday-Wednesday he's sporting the proper pair, but the rest of the week has to be pristine whites, no labels.

Well, last Thursday C had a meltdown after his workout. He showered and changed into the PWs, all the time wishing it was Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so he could wear his DOWs. By the time he got back to the parking garage, he'd lost it. He threw his gym bag in the car and quickly ditched the offending PWs before heading back to the office. Moral of the story: if you have to take a step backwards from your comfort zone, better to do it commando.

Now be sure to check out other Fun Monday ditched underwear theories. I fear we may reveal more about ourselves than we should. . .


Jeanna said...

This is why I try to avoid working in an office, I know guys like that, good story.
Where did C learn to make those cute labels, maybe he should quit his job and do that for a living, he'd be a lot happier.

m (the misanthrope) said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Brilliant. I see I'm not the only one with DOW undies on my mind! I actually had DOWs when I was a kid and I loved them!! I am hoping to find some made for adults...I would definitely wear the right one on the right day and might have an, um, issue if I realized I'd mixed up my DOWs. Fabulous!

Oh, and PS...how was the walk? Inquiring minds (and those who live vicariously through others' adventures) want to know!

Sayre said...

That was hilarious!!! I prefer PWs as you can wear them ANY day of the week!

Made me think of "When Harry Met Sally..." and her Days of the Week underpants story. "They don't make Sunday.... because of God."

I finally got mine up - sorry it's so late. And I'm also sorry I missed you while you were in Tallahassee! You're right - those seven hills are killers. This whole city is hilly and any walk is a good workout!

Janis said...

LoL, Loved your story about "C", you have a great imagination.

Rayne said...

Great story! Poor C...I can totally relate.

Gattina said...

Hahaha, sounds like Howard Hughes in his first stage, before he became completely crazy, lol !
One of my friends has to number and DATE the underpants for one week with the days, for her husband. But he became autistic after a car accident. Fortunately she learned to take it with humour and tells us funny stories about him.
Love your phantasy and the way you knitted a story around a simple underwear !

Pamela said...

oh you spun a great tale there.. ha ha ha/

We should write fiction for a Fun Monday. I've missed so many of them recently

m (the misanthrope) said...

Hi my friend! I'm just checking in to make sure that all is well. Howsabout a post about your recent walking adventure? I hope that went well!

Ari_1965 said...

In college I had a 7-day set of Saint/Martyr-themed panties. I bought them in Rome and only wore them for special occasions. I remember especially that Sunday was for St. Catherine of Alexandria who was tortured by Emperor Whatsit but her faith broke the wheel and all the other torture devices. She was eventually beheaded, of course. Anyway, Sunday's panties depicted the whole story. I believe Thursday was St. Stephen or whoever it was who was shot full of arrows, and Monday's panty theme was the saint who lived on top of a pole for several decades.

I was very sorry when these panties eventually wore out. I remember being given a lecture on attitude by a Little Hitler supervisor on some silly PT job, and thinking to myself that I could survive anything knowing I was wearing John the Baptist undies.