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Friday, August 28, 2009

Keith Urban & Little Matt

Here's you a little "feel good" story for the weekend. It has been state fair time in Kentucky this past week. One extremely cute little eight year old, Matthew, is probably still on Cloud 9 after getting invited up on stage to perform "Kiss a Girl" with Keith Urban at one of the headliner concerts of the state fair.

Matthew came to the concert with his parents. He was dressed in jammin' clothes and had his guitar--which he started playing at the age of five. He also had a bright orange poster on which he had written: "I Want 2 Play Kiss a Girl W U". They were sitting in the second row from the stage. When Keith launched into "KAG" Matthew's mother tried to caution against disappointment, but a guy in the seat beside them hoisted Matthew up on his shoulders. Matthew waved his sign. Keith saw it and motioned him up on stage. And one little boy got his wish:

The rest of this story is that Matthew has a rare bone disease and was unable to run and play outside with other children. He spent much of his life since age four traveling back and forth between his home in Elizabethtown and Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. He and his mother passed the time inside listening to country music. When he was five, he got his first guitar and started taking lessons. And then on August 23 before 50,000 people Matthew took the stage. On his website, Keith called him "the bomb." And he's right! BTW, Keith is "the bomb" too for giving this little boy his time in the spotlight.


Debs said...

That made me cry.

What a wonderful chap Keith Urban is, and that dear little Matthew getting up on stage in front of all those people and being so professional. What a superstar.

Patience-please said...

cool. thanks. just plain cool.

Jan n Jer said...

How heart warming, Kudos for Keith Urban. That will be a night Matthew will never forget.

Pamela said...

that was too precious!! I'm glad I stopped by.

Urban had to take a big risk inviting that kid up there... you just never know.

Faye said...

debs--great gesture on Keith's part. Refreshing as well when so many celebrity stories deal with them behaving badly.

patience-please--cool is what I thought as well. Did you notice Matthew's pocket chain a la Keith? That just cracked me up when spotted it when he was boosted up on the stage--and that keepin' the beat stomp!

janis--in the news story, there was speculation that Matthew would be going back to Nashville in the future--to play music, not get medical treatment.

pamela--glad you enjoyed it, just makes you smile, doesn't it? And you're right, Urban took a big chance--according to the reporter none of this was pre-arranged. On the other hand, the kid is so cute, it's hard to see anything but pluses by getting him on stage.

Cousin M said...

Too cute. And you are right - Keith and Matthew are both "da bomb."

Faye said...

cousin m--????? If you're who I think you are, welcome to the blogosphere! Next step, starting your own blog--joys of walking, grandkids say the darndest things. doggery, nature study, latest good read? You write and I'll read and comment for sure.

Swampwitch said...

That was DA-BOMB !
Thanks for making my day by taking the time to post this.
I added this to my Mon Funday post for tomorrw.
Oh, and do I smell a hint of Pepe le Pew over here? h-m-m-m-m

karisma said...

That was AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

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