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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teaser Tuesday -- What are You Reading?

Teaser Tuesday is described by its host Miz B over at Should be Reading as a "weekly bookish meme" open to anyone who enjoys peeping at other people's bookshelves.

The rules are simple:

--Grab your current read,
--open to a random page,
--share two "teaser" sentences from somewhere on the page,
--be careful to not include a spoiler,
--share the title and author--and a very brief synopsis--so that other Tuesday Teaser participants can add the book to their TBR lists if your teaser piques their interest, and
--post your link in the comments on Miz B's webpage.

Lunch in Paris, A Love Story with Recipes
by Elizabeth Bard

"And then there was Paris--beautiful, slightly inaccessible Paris, like a girl who lures you close with her ruffles and her scent, then leaves you in the doorway, cold and alone with the barest hint of a good-night kiss. I felt like I was standing on the doorstep of a culture, and I wasn't sure if anyone was ever going to let me in. I couldn't just say yes to Gwendal. I had to say yes to Paris too." p. 109

Synopsis: American girl travels to Paris and meets a tap dancing PhD researcher in computer science. They share many lunches in Paris bistros and breakfast croissants in his chilly walkup flat. American girl soon discovers two passions--French cuisine and Gwendal. She moves to Paris and learns to navigate the open food markets and cook in Gwendal's cramped apartment. Gwendal asks her to marry him and proves he's serious by putting her name on the water bill--proof of legitimacy in Paris bureaucracy. Will the American girl accept the challenge and learn to live and love in the most romantic of cities?

About the "with Recipes" part of the book title. Each chapter concludes with a recipe for a French dish that was eaten as part of the story line. You too can try your cooking skills by making Gateau au Yaourt (Yogurt Cake), Soup a' l'Oignon Gratinee ("Better Than French" Onion Soup), or Riz au Lait au Calvados (Rice Pudding with Drunken Raisins).

Here's a photo of Elizabeth and Gwendal:

I'm thinking happy ending. . .

If you'd like to read a bit of Elizabeth's blog, here's the link: Lunch in Paris

(Photography credit: Cindi de Channes)


pussreboots said...

Sounds interesting. My teaser is from The Language of Bees.

Beth said...

Looks like a fun read. Here is my teaser.

Clarissa said...

Wow. That sounds so sweet. I love the description of Paris. ANd the recipe idea!!

Here is my teaser

Audrey said...

Can never have too many recipes!!
HERE is mine!

Marg said...

This sounds like a lot of fun.

My teaser is here

Lisa said...

Sound like something I like to read.

Here's mine

Alayne said...

This sounds so romantic! And I love books with recipes as surprises! Great teaser. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, that teases me into adding this book to my list!

Love the name and look of your blog.

My teaser:


Book Sake said...

Think I might need to add this one to my list!

My teaser is at BookSake.

tweezle said...

What an interesting teaser! I never thought of Paris like that.

Here's my teaser for this week.

Christina/Book Addict said...

This book sounds amazing. I haven't heard anything about it- will definitely have to check it out! Great teaser!

Missy B. said...

Beautiful teaser! I might have to add this one to my wish list!

lisaschaos said...

That sounds really neat! Have you tried the recipes?

The Church Lady said...

Hi Faye! Thanks for your never ending nice comments!!

Is this book based on a true story? It has an interesting concept by inserting recipes in each chapter!

Anonymous said...


Pamela said...

I'll read it if you do the cooking.

Alayne said...

I just posted my review for Romancing Miss Bronte at The Crowded Leaf if you're interested!

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