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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Other Cooper

Meet Cooper the yellow lab and Willie's best buddy for almost 10 years. They're both old men--in their 13th years. For most of these years Willie and Cooper have chatted through the fence as we walk past Cooper's home. I have this little experiment with Willie. When we get on Cooper's block I'll think, "Will Willie know where he is and will he pull me into Cooper's yard so he can check for himself to see if his buddy is outside?" Sure enough, Willie starts looking. Often Cooper will be watching out his gate and when they spy each other there is great rejoicing! They run the fence, sniff each other and always have a ceremonial leg hiking contest. I often wonder what they're talking about. Other old geezers that may walk by? Their golf game? Obama? Their prostates? Or, what's for dinner?

Like most yellow labs, Cooper is an affection seeking hound.
He presses himself flat to the fence so I can scratch his tail bone. He shivers will delight as I snake my hand between the gate and fence to scratch him up. Neither of the dogs ever bark. It's just all this canine communication going on.

Have to admit. This meet up between old friends is one of the best rituals of my day. I enjoy making Willie happy by taking him on much loved walks. And, like Willie, I always hope Cooper will be outside so we can chat for a bit. His owners know about this ritual and if they see us come by, they'll let Cooper out the door so they can have their little visit.

Now for the other Cooper. Here he is in all his handsome youthfulness. This Cooper lives in Pennsylvania with blog buddy Church Lady and her family. This Cooper is very lucky because he has two girls to play with and they have some great toys for an active dog--trampolines, giant rolling balls, and plenty of wide open spaces. New this year, Cooper's family has gotten a great pontoon boat and Cooper often gets to be first mate to Freedom Rider, captain of the boat and Church Lady's husband.

Life is not all play though for Cooper. He's expected to work like stretching out over piles of mulch to keep it from blowing away or jumping in piles of leaves to give the family plenty of exercise in the fall. And, he's always willing to check the floor and clean up any stray cheetos!

Moral of this post? Two Coopers are better than one. And, you couldn't ask for a better pal than a yellow lab whether you're a pit bull or blogger!

(Photo Credit for PA Cooper: Church Lady)


Debs said...

Love the photos. I grew up with a yellow lab and he was such a great character.

Jan n Jer said...

Great post Faye...Seems Cooper is a favorite name for a yellow lab. Willie has made a loyal friend...if your Cooper is anything like the CL's
Cooper...he is a big lovable, people lover, dog lover, kinda Lab. I often wonder what dogs are thinking when they smell each other and have their little interaction with each other also. Guess we will have to ask Ceasar..the dog whisperer.

Anonymous said...


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

This such an adorable, and quite endearing post! I so enjoyed reading it. Now you have me wondering too, about their conversations.......love the photos also.

Faye Yes, as I stated in my blog today, I agree with you! Immigration and drugs are two VERY different issues. Living close to the border as I do, the drug war's car bombing is one I didn't want to read about but was compelled to see it with my eyes....

Gattina said...

What a nice story ! Our neighbor dog goes very well along with my cats. He even lets Kim sleep in his doghouse and Arthur once walked under him because of rain,lol !

The Church Lady said...

Hi Faye! Sorry it took me so long to get to your blog. I recently had an operation and have not been on the computer in days!

This was a very nice post about your Willie and the two Coopers. Funny, I had never heard of another dog named Cooper until AFTER we named ours "Cooper". LOL

Have your Willie and Cooper ever been able to get together for a "play date"?? I bet they would love to go to the park together, even though they are getting up there in dog years.