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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Monday - Wild about Harry's Eyes--and Mine

This is a bit of a jumbled Fun Monday post because I'm going to hit on two loosely related topics. Our host for September is Sayre, she of the lovely Sayre Smiles . For today, the original topic was: who would be your freebee (person you would leave a relationship for) and why? Amended topic is to describe our favorite body part--and least, if we want to dwell on the negative a bit. See what I mean by jumbled!

Since I never miss an opportunity to sing the praises of my favorite British actor, the fabulous Richard Armitage, I planned to write about him today, including his piercing blue eyes. In my case, the eyes also have it as my own favorite body part. Blue, but not as amazing as Richard's. So, to the tune of "Close My Eyes" by the Backstreet Boys, here's some glimpses of RA in his best roles. I think you'll agree that he has many body parts which we can admire! :-)

I first learned about Richard Armitage a couple of years ago when blogger friend Laurie steered me to the British period drama "North and South" where he played John Thornton, an 1850s cotton manufacturer in northern England, who fell into conflict--and love--with Margaret Hale, a genteel parson's daughter from southern England. Here they are trying to understand each others' ways:

Next I saw him through three seasons of the BBC's re-make of "Robin Hood" where he played Sir Guy of Gisborne, the villainous henchman for the Sheriff of Nottingham who was terrorizing Robin's village when he returned from the Crusades. Great swashbuckling fun as they fought through Sherwood Forest and competed for the love of Maid Marian.

Next it was Richard as the painter Claude Monet in "The Impressionists".

Then there was the comedic side for Richard's acting talents when he played Harry Kennedy, the posh London accountant, who fell for the village vicar on "The Vicar of Dibley".

Richard next took on the role of a British intelligence agent Lucas North in MI-5 or Spooks with stories of bombings, espionage, and terrorist threats ripped from the daily headlines from all over the world. He played the newest agent on the MI-5 Grid, just released from many years in a Russian prison and suffering the effects while he used that experience to beat the Russians at their own game.

The main thing I love about Richard Armitage, aside from his obvious great looks and star appeal, is that he approaches each acting role as a serious student intent on capturing the essence of the character whether it's a modern day spy or medieval villain. But most of all, let's not forget those amazing blue eyes.

Part 2 -- Faye's Eyes
In my opinion, my eyes are my best feature. When I look closely at the photo of me as a five year old I see kindness, curiosity,and humor in this steady gaze. That has not changed--I hope--over the years.

Two negatives. Wish my eyes were larger and not so deep set. And there are times when I wish I could lose the glasses. I've worn them since I was in grade school, every day, all day. As I've gotten older have accepted this as a necessity and treat eyeglasses as a fashion accessory, selecting the most modern frames and lens options. Right now I'm excited because I'm getting new specs in the next month. Will I go for the tortoise shell studious look or the black modern frames like Annette Benning in "The Kids are Alright"?

So, there you have it Sayre. As promised, a jumbled celebration of eyes--mine and Richard's.


Sayre said...

Love it - and yes, Armitage is definitely worth a second, third, fourth look! Eyes and hands attract me first - everything else is secondary.

Your eyes are beautiful, Faye! I've had to adjust to the idea of wearing glasses myself recently. Mostly for reading and working on the computer but I'm sure that eventually they will constant companions. I have to tell you though, your smile is absolutely amazing. I smile myself everytime I see it. It's catching, the same way you can't look at a smiling Julia Roberts and not smile yourself!

Jan n Jer said...

What a hunk of burning love Armitage is and oh those baby blues! Thats a great photo of you Faye and yes you do have beautiful blue eyes and a pretty white smile. I hate wearing glasses also, I just got myself contacts and I love them.

RAFrenzy said...

Faye, You have beautiful eyes and a great smile.

Debs said...


Sorry, I was lost in that wonderful post and those gorgeous photos of Himself. It's just what I needed after being kept awake all night with a sick dog.

You do have very piercing blue eyes, they're lovely.

Lane said...

Mr Armitage is indeed a hunk and a half. He also has a very nice voice which is serving him well as I notice he's doing advert voice-overs now.

I've said before how much I like the photo of Little Faye. And your photo now - wow, what a 1,000 watt smile.

Let us know which glasses you choose won't you.

Jill said...

Hm. Is it bad that other men don't really make me go hubba hubba? Lol. I, too, have worn glasses since grade school and wish I could trade out for contacts, but I can't touch my eyes! Grr! See you next week!

The Church Lady said...

Well, I can certainly "see" your fascination with Mr. Armitage's baby blues! He is a hunk for sure!

You have wonderful eyes, Faye. They speak "friendly and caring" to me!

Faye said...

sayre--being an RA fan is a discipline. Have to wait for him to get to BBC America for new stuff. The old--especially North and South--I have memorized.

janis-RA is a hunk, but what makes him more so is that he doesn't act like an entitled jerk.

RAfrenzy--you know about richardarmitageonline.com, of course?

debs--glad to brighten your morning after a long night with the Royal Grumpiness. Hope it's nothing serious.

lane--agreed, RA has a fabulous voice, even for a commercial. I found a recording of him reading the proposal scene in Gaskell's "North and South". How could Margaret say no? :-)

jill-lucky husband that you still think he's the most hubba hubba. Know about that eye touching thing. Once had to prove that I could before being fitted for contacts.

church lady--"friendly and caring"--high praise. Thank you.

RAFrenzy said...


It's one of my favorite places.

Molly said...

Richard does have rather intense eyes, and you do have lovely eyes. I like my how my eyes look, but I do not care how they work...or don't work.