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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun Monday -- Tools for a Serious Reader

Favorite tools or inventions is the topic for February 21 Fun Monday. Molly over at Return of the White Robin continues with her February hosting duties by asking us to share our favorite tool or invention. A "tool" is defined as a gadget or hand instrument used to accomplish a task. Like many of you, I'm a serious reader so my tool is one that makes this daily task(?) easier. This print, Thursday Night Book Club by Mark Sowa, doesn't relate directly to the topic. Clipped it on here just to give you a laugh on Monday!

My favorite reading tool is called several different things, depending on it's use. First I have the book buddy, a lightweight beanbag square that's perfect for resting a heavy volume--say like War and Peace--at a comfortable prop on your lap for reading while sitting upright or reclining. The sides have ties to hold the book covers in place as you read. I also have a favorite version of the book buddy that has a detachable rigid top so that I can read and take notes at the same time. I use this version every day.

The second book buddy is a bit fancier, but very handy for reading, writing, paying bills, working puzzles from the ease of your sofa. It's called a lap reader and I got mine from Levenger's catalog of overpriced items for serious readers. On this one the foam base comes off so you can use just the wooden lap board alone.

My final handy reading tool is a mini flexi-booklight. When I travel I always bring one along, much handier than the overhead lights on a plane or bus. I also keep one in the emergency storm box at home in case we lose power. All is not lost as long as you can continue reading while waiting for power to be restored.

So Molly, there you have my favorite tools. Use and enjoy them every day!


Sayre said...

Oooo...I want one of those wooden top things!!! Never heard of a book buddy - looks like a marvelous thing to have if you're going to do a marathon read!

We love our booklights. My son uses his as a flashlight at night and I've done that too. We all have at least one, and my son and I have two or more.

I almost went a bookish route myself, but given the activites of this past week, I went a different way.

Jill said...

Those are cool. I just end up with a paper slip as a bookmark and a lamp and curl up in bed when I want to read. At least the thing that holds your pages down would keep you from dropping it when you fall asleep, which happens to me quite often!

Jan n Jer said...

I love the book buddy, it makes for much more comfortable reading when you don't have to hold down the pages. I just love all the modern inventions we have in this day and age. Its hard to keep up with technology though,it changes so fast. Happy FM Faye

Molly said...

Faye, You have selected great choices for your favorite tools. I certainly could use one of those book buddies. I am glad that you wrote about them here. The only book holder that I own is made to hold cookbooks.

Georgia Girls said...

I love the over priced Levenger catalog! The book buddy is not only functional but beautiful, too.
I'm always on the lookout for gifts for my bookish friends. Thanks!

Debs Carr said...

Wow, now those are must-have items. I haven't seen one of those lap readers before, and I'm sure that I really need to have one.

The Church Lady said...

Those are some great gadgets for a serious reader! I'm already thinking about some of them for FW's b-day. He is an avid reader in bed and those gadgets would come in handy!