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Monday, May 9, 2011

Teaser Tuesday - The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton

Hairpin curves on narrow winding roads in the Cevennes Mountains of southeast France--such as these-are just some of the many challenges facing Catherine Parkstone, the heroine of Rosy Thornton's A Tapestry of Love. Equal parts romance and travelogue, Thornton tells her story with a warm, engaging voice. Not long into the book began thinking: I really love this story, especially the main character, the French farmers and villagers and their way of life. For this reason I chose The Tapestry of Love for this week's Tuesday Teaser.

Teaser Tuesday is described by its host, Miz B over at Should Be Reading ,as a "weekly bookish meme" open to any reader who wants to play along. If, like me, you're always curious about what people are reading or on the lookout for the next great read, then this may by your meme. To play, just click on Miz B's link above for the simple rules.

The Tapestry of Love
by Rosy Thornton

"The things we think we want," he said softly, "sometimes it turns out they're not what we really want at all."

"No." It was all she could manage, a simple acknowledgement, though it might just as well be taken as denial. p. 265

Book Description: After her divorce Catherine. already in her late 40s, sells her home in England and moves to a small hamlet in the Cevennes Mountains. She leaves behind two grown children, an ailing mother, a lawyer sister, and an ex-husband with whom she's on cordial terms. Catherine rents a house just outside the village with a garden, out buildings--enough land to make her neighbors think she wants to farm. Catherine has other work in mind. She does needlework and sews "soft" furnishings enough, she hopes, to earn a living from sales to her neighbors and people in surrounding villages. Her color and theme inspirations come from the mountain views around her. Catherine very soon is involved in the lives of her neighbors, including the mysterious Patrick Castagnol. Will she be able to maintain her famous common sense with him around?

For several years I have been a blog friend with Debs Carr of Deb Carr's Daydreams . Debs writes women's fiction in the U.K. and is a member of the Romantic Novelist's Association. Every week she shares her latest reading and does reviews for many of the books she features on her blog. Rosy Thornton's a Tapestry of Love was one of the many she reviewed that I wanted to read--enough to track down on Amazon from the U.K.


Shirley said...

I like how you posted your Teaser Tuesday. It adds some "meat" to it, so to speak. Good selection.

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Georgia Girls said...

It does sound very lovely and romantic. I made a note of it. Thanks!

gautami tripathy said...

What a teaser!! Another novel to check out?!. I really like teaser tuesdays!

Here is my Teaser Tuesday: Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson post!

ari_1965 said...

Making her living as a newcomer in a non-urban setting by selling needlepoint and home-made soft furnishings? Sounds like an unrealistic plotline to me. I'm not sure whether I would get stuck on the unreality of it or enjoy the fantasy of it.

KarenB said...

Sounds like a fun book for a vacation. BTW, I loved your hot air balloon photo. We see balloons a lot around here. They're always beautiful! Take care,