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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two Weeks in Autumn Photo Challenge, Day 14 - "Favorites"

Well, here we are at the end of this autumn photo challenge. We began on September 23, the first day of autumn--blogger/photographers and visitors--and end 14 days later. The challenge for this meme was to look at the world around you and try to capture with your camera the sights, smells, and feel of a new season, each day a different subject. The last subject is "favorites"--share a photo that you've taken in the past two weeks that you really like. Here's mine: I call this "sky static". It was taken around 8:00 a.m when Willie and I were walking out to the newspaper box. I looked up at the sky and it was clear blue. Then these streamer clouds started crisscrossing each other. And then a plane flew over, leaving a strong jet trail. Yes, lots of "static" happening in the sky so I ran back in the house and grabbed the camera, despite Willie's protests at being rushed!

Now it's not a great photo, but I'm stilling making it my favorite because of what it illustrates about being an amateur photographer. That's learning to look at your environment and being ready to capture a moment in time in a photo.

A few months ago I participated in a 30 Day Good Photos Challenge, but got in on it late. Had to really search around to find all the subjects. So, I'll give you our two weeks of subjects in case any of your readers would enjoy the challenge.

1- First Signs 2- Autumn Flowers 3- Autumn Fruits

4- Soup Weather 5- Fall Decorations 6- Fall Reflections in Water

7- Harvest Moon 8- Fall Fun 9- Early Fall Landscapes

10- Nature Closeups 11- Autumn Sunlight 12- Autumn Walk

13- Fall Colors 14- Favorite Early Fall Photo

Here are today's possible players:

Pamela @ The Dust Will Wait
Janis @ As Jan Sees It
Joangee @ Musings n Waffle


Jan n Jer said...

That is the kind of sky I love. Well it looks like I cheated alot on this challenge...had to rely on my archives for Autumn photos. Sorry Faye....but I know you will forgive me..cause your my friend...right???? You are doing so good with your photos..I can clearly see it in your shots.

Pamela said...

I'm sorry I took creative license again... but that photo came to mind when you said favorite.

You need to forgive me, too. (:

I can't tell you how many times I've seen such wonderful sky trails like that and never seem to catch in a digital what I actually see above me. Nice!

Jan n Jer said...

FYI...I am putting the Fridays Fences meme up this evening...so please come back n sign up. I posted it yesterday by mistake and put it back into edit. Senior Moment...I kept thinking yesterday was Thursday...heaven help!!!!