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Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Tis a Gift to be Simple - Shakertown & Barn Charm

This old barn and buggy shelter is on the grounds of Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.  I'm hooking this Barn Charm entry onto a series of posts this week about this living museum for the Shaker agricultural, architectural, religious, and cultural lifestyle.

Here's a couple more photos of the Shaker farm/gardens. An herb garden--not sure about the little building.  May have been an old "necessary" since close to one of the Shaker dwellings:

And there was a trio of these Scottish Highlanders busily clipping grass in a field by the village path.  You coulld actually hear them chewing--very efficient.  And no, they were not wearing black galoshes:


For more charming barns be sure to check out the Barn Charm meme at Bluff Area Daily .

___________ Post 1 Shakertown Series____________

On this first rainy Sunday of December seems like everyone is busy saying goodbye to Thanksgiving and getting out the Christmas decorations.  All this flurry reminded me of another rainy day last December in the Bluegrass state.  Spent the afternoon with friends at a holiday lunch at Shakertown, an historic Shaker settlement and farm at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. The architecture, interior design, furnishings, food --and even the holiday decorations--display the Shaker belief in simplicity, function and beauty.  So, this week I thought I might share some snapshots of that day and remind us all of the simple gifts of the season.

This is the main path through the village, lined on either side by white fences.  On this rainy day, post lanterns were adorned simply with greenery and red bows, accenting the classic Shaker architecture, which is all symmetry and grace, and the countryside beyond the fences.

So, if you enjoyed these first views of Shakertown be sure to come back thoughout the week  and I'll share some photos of  Shaker interiors and furnishing which are so famous for their simplicity, beauty, and function.


Jan n Jer said...

I agree...sometimes we overdo on the decorating. A simple green with a red bow is just perfect! BTW..on your post yesterday...Chet looks like he may have Lab in him! I be he is a hand full!

Sayre said...

I love these - I become disenchanted with the holiday when it tips over into gaudy. Looking forward to more!

Mari said...

It's a beautiful spot! I remember visiting there some years ago.

Tanya said...

i must get myself to shakertown! love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh the history in this post! Love the simplicity of their decorating, beautiful! Love the simple red barn & all that white fencing

Thank you for joining & I'll try to remember to swing back by =)

Rose said...

I did enjoy the visit...

Carletta said...

Oh Faye, this looks like a beautiful place to visit!
The little barn with it's buggy is very simple and quaint.
The little building looks a little small for a "necessary". Perhaps it's just a small garden shed for storing items for the garden.
You've really captured the essence of this lovely place with it's well maintained grounds and lovely decor!

EG CameraGirl said...

What a wonderful place to visit and take photos/I especially like the first photo.

Betsy Adams said...

How interesting, Faye... I'd love to visit that village sometime.. It's gorgeous...

YES---we overdo when it comes to decorating, especially outdoor. I hate all of those blow-up things--and things which look so fake.

We have 3 lit wreaths and a small Christmas tree out front... Plain, but we love it.