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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun Monday -- Springtime in Kentucky

Springtime is the topic for this week's Fun Monday. Janis, our host from Life According to Jan and Jer , would like us to share some photos of whatever represents spring to us personally. Spring arrives for me when I catch the first glimpses of redbuds and dogwoods in the landscape. And when I drive through the Bluegrass region of Kentucky and see thoroughbred mares and colts frolicking behind the traditional brown and white fences around our many horse farms.

The photography in this post is the work of James Archambeault who specializes in capturing the natural beauty of all parts of Kentucky. He also photographs cityscapes, events, rural scenery, and historic sites for which Kentucky is known--Louisville Slugger Baseball Museum, Mail Pouch barns, Kentucky Derby. I send these photographs on postcards to people all over the world through the Postcard Crossings Project.

Redbuds and Dogwoods -- for as long as I can remember these two trees were the harbingers of spring to me. I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and had the view of these beautiful hills in front of me all the time. Starting in March I looked for the first flashes of dark pink and white of dogwoods and redbuds blooming as the hazy soft green spring growth could be seen over the mountains. This old farm on a rural road would be a typical sight in April:

Once spring broke, my father and I used to hike the mountains looking for redbud and dogwood. We also looked for may apple and blue-eyed mary, a viola-like wild flower that bloomed alongside the may apple. This is what you would see in Kentucky's many state parks as well:

Thoroughbred Horse Farms -- beginning in January and going on through the spring many thoroughbred colts are born to mares in the central part of Kentucky, the Bluegrass region around Lexington. Kentucky is known for its state of the art horse farms where future racers are bred and raised for competition all over the world. In the spring you drive past horse farm pastures bounded by miles of brown and white fencing and, if you're lucky, see a young colt hanging close by its mother's side:

Or, mare and foal may frolic joyfully in the spring air:

The colts are especially endearing with those long, skinny legs and short, stubby tails. Just a promise of the speed and power you'll see at the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May.

So Janis, whenever I think springtime in Kentucky, it's all about blooming redbuds, dogwoods, and thoroughbred horses. Be sure to go to Janis' places for the links to other Fun Monday springtimes.


Jan n Jer said...

Beautiful scenery and I love the idea of the colts being born..here in Hanvover we have a farm that raises horses for harness racing..you can tour the farm in the spring and see all the newborn colts. Love the dogwoods n redbud trees also. Thanks for sharing Faye and Happy FM

Sayre said...

We used to live down the road from a horse farm - I loved to go bike riding up there to see the babies in springtime! So beautiful!

We get the dogwoods and azaleas in abundance here. They're getting a little late start this year though because of the unusually cold weather this winter.

Kentucky looks beautiful!

Pamela said...

we have eastern red buds in the valley (not native -- but planted here)

the one in our front yard was nearly killed by a late spring freeze about 6 years ago. Every spring I watch for it to blossom. We are never sure if this will be the last bloom.

It has a few buds this year -- and we're patient.

Sandy said...

I forgot about all the spring babies...thanks for the reminder!

joanygee said...

What a lovely landscape! Thanks for sharing...

Swampwitch said...

Oh, my Old Kentucky Home...well, I've never lived there, but have been there the last part of April and first part of May...so, that should qualify me to sing that song...don't you think ? Love the photos !

Faye said...

janis--although KY is known for thoroughbred racing we also dabble in harness racing. The county adjoining mine is quite active in this sport.

sayre--dogwoods in FL? That surprises me as I think of them as a cool climate tree. And you're right about the colts--love the way they "velcro" to their moms at first.

pamela--people plant redbuds in their home landscapes, but it's nothing to compare to seeing them growing naturally. Here in KY there are a few favorite trees that we try to grow--like the saucer magnolia--and just when they're in glorious bloom a late spring frost will hit them.

sandy--puppies will always be tops on my cute baby list, but those colts are pretty adorable.

joangee--spring is the most beautiful time in Kentucky.

swampy--of course you can sing "My Old KY Home". In April and May everyone is honorary Kentuckians. Did you come to town for the Derby or was it the Barnstable Brown Celebrity Derby party? If BB party, hope Pamela Anderson didn't steal your thunder. Wait, did you seriously fly in the air shows for Thunder Over Louisville? Impressive!

Molly said...

Oh yes Faye, Kentucky is a great place to be in the spring with the redbuds, dogwoods, and the baby horses.

Living Life said...

I think the dogwood is my favorite tree in the spring. The red bud trees are just starting to pop out here and the landscape is so soft and green. Kentucky would be a nice place to visit any time of year it seems!

KittyHawk said...

We're lucky to live in the midst of all this, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

keep update, please..bless you!!........................................

Jill said...

Sorry it took so long to get around to visit! Love the horses!