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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Photo Challenge Day 5 - "Fall Decorations"

Of all the seasons to decorate my home, fall is most appealing for me. There's the abundance of nature from brightly colored leaves to sturdy flowers to the last harvests from gardens and fields. Fall is also a time to pull out much loved antiques and primitives and let them shine with fall colors.

On Sunday I spent a few hours at an outdoor antiques fair at Locust Grove, an historical farm, home and meeting facility just outside downtown Louisville. Here are just a few ideas for fall decorations that I wanted to bring home:

This hand-molded trough would look perfect with a few herbs that needed to come inside before the first frost:

This old tin basket would look great on the hearth filled with a variety of gourds, pumpkins, leaves and berries:

Or, how about this brown speckled ironware bowl filled with mini pumpkins?

I could find a spot by the front door for this old wooden box holding a russet mum:

Usually I'm not in favor of large inflatables in the yard, but I thought these large metal sun flowers and pumpkins were quite whimsical:

This lovely green bottle/vase filled with a few burgundy/rust dried flowers and berries would be perfect on a side table or buffet:

And finally the surprise and my favorite idea--this loose bouquet of blooming field weeds, including goldenrod, ironweed (or maybe wild ageratum?) and pearly white. I'd risk sneezing for a day or two to enjoy this:

If you'd like to participate in the Two Weeks in Autumn Photo Challenge--and I hope you do--it's simple. Just grab your camera and take a photo of your interpretation of the day's subject. Post on your blog and then leave me a comment so I can visit you and include your link on the player's list below. Also, since some of the photo subjects may take a bit of planning thought I'd give you a few of them ahead of time.

September 28, Day 6 Subject - "Fall Reflections in Water"

September 29, Day 7 Subject - "Harvest Moon"

September 30, Day 8 Subject - "Fall Fun"

Here are today's possible players:

Pamela @ The Dust Will Wait
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Joangee @ Musings n Waffle


karisma said...

Love the mini pumpkins! I wish I had time to think of decorating my house. Just keeping up with it lately is time consuming enough! LOL (I am thinking that soon I am going to need to down size!)

Sayre said...

I don't do much decorating, at least seasonally. I do some for Christmas, but not as much as I used to. Taking it all down again has become just one more thing to do on my already too-long list. Still the small change of scenery does cheer the heart, so I might put a little more into it this year....

I loved that little moss-covered tea pot next to the green vase!

Jan n Jer said...

These are all so beautiful..Your right Faye...Autumn does our decorating for us...all we have to do is look outside!

Pamela said...

I took pictures at the grocery store of the Halloween decor and the gourds.. but only used the one of the flowers. I should have followed your lead! (I might add one just for effect)

Fall decor is one my favorite reason to love the season.