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Recent retiree--35 year's experience teaching reading, English, adult basic education and volunteer leadership skills. Started this blog to exchange ideas and commentary with friends and others having an interest in joining the discussions. Greatest life accomplishments include: 1.organized my 3rd grade class to check out library books for me to get around librarian's weekly limit--Amazon.com, the Mullins Elementary 3rd Grade Class of 1956 is still waiting for "thank you" notes; 2. volunteered in the Peace Corps, island of St. Kitts, West Indies; 3.taught adults to read, earn their GEDs., and speak English as a second language; 4. bought a border collie puppy for $6, got evicted rather than give him up, and began a life-long love affair with all things "Dog"; 5. joined a physical fitness boot camp in my mid-50s--don't mess with someone who's been doing regulation pushups in wet grass at 5:30 a.m.; 6. walked across Northern England with best friend Sally--over 80 miles from the Irish to North Seas; and 7. travelled to many foreign countries for pleasure and work.

Monday, May 14, 2007

It Takes a Village to Blog

Thanks to everyone who has helped me jump into blogger's world! It's been fun to get responses from yesterday's feeble launch. Several people have tried to comment but couldn't get their messages published. If you were one of those who tried unsuccessfully, see if this works: click on comments, write yours and then set up a FREE google account by providing your e-mail address and a password at the bottom of the comment page. Hit "publish" and we're in business! Stay tuned for more interesting discussion after the "wood-shedding phase. . .


Beth Wisman said...

OK - it's me trying to post again. Hope this works this time. As far as Dancing with the Stars it's going to be Joey (big butt Fatone) that's going to win. Thank goodness they got rid of that Billy Ray Cyrus.

Faye, I'm still confused, is this going to take the place of our every other day emails? I realize I sound like such a simpleton, but do you email me or blog me?

I'm sure this will be the topic of conversation tomorrow night at Jucy's!


KittyHawk said...

OK, it's got to get more interesting than this! Come on Faye! Give us something juicy! Otherwise I'm going to tell you all the details of my long day waiting to not get selected for jury duty.


Sallymademedoit said...

Love your profile! Fortunately, i talked myself into No. 2. Still kicking myself for not participating in No. 6. Second chance, anyone? Summit, Sally, you listening?