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Recent retiree--35 year's experience teaching reading, English, adult basic education and volunteer leadership skills. Started this blog to exchange ideas and commentary with friends and others having an interest in joining the discussions. Greatest life accomplishments include: 1.organized my 3rd grade class to check out library books for me to get around librarian's weekly limit--Amazon.com, the Mullins Elementary 3rd Grade Class of 1956 is still waiting for "thank you" notes; 2. volunteered in the Peace Corps, island of St. Kitts, West Indies; 3.taught adults to read, earn their GEDs., and speak English as a second language; 4. bought a border collie puppy for $6, got evicted rather than give him up, and began a life-long love affair with all things "Dog"; 5. joined a physical fitness boot camp in my mid-50s--don't mess with someone who's been doing regulation pushups in wet grass at 5:30 a.m.; 6. walked across Northern England with best friend Sally--over 80 miles from the Irish to North Seas; and 7. travelled to many foreign countries for pleasure and work.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

American Pie

Looking for a good recipe for "I Hate My Husband Pie" or "I Don't Want Earl's Baby Pie"? Then you won't want to miss "Waitress", a southern slice of sweet tartness showing in theaters now. Over the Memorial Day week-end my movie buddy and I trotted off to see what I thought was going to be a classic diner movie. You know the plot line--good food, hard to live with owner, customers who keep coming for the good food and attention from a couple of hard-working waitresses who show up for work every day with their troubles and dreams cinched around their waists with that ruffled apron. Trouble is, family problems and hopes of a better life have to take a back seat to tending customers and keeping the boss happy with their hustle and tableside manner. "Waitress" delivers all that and some delicious surprises. We saw this movie at the Baxter, which is the theater to catch the less hyped and financed movies and the place was jammed--we sat in the front third row and for awhile I thought I'd have to surrender the buffer seat between me and my movie buddy(that's fodder for another posting!). It was a group experience in the best sense--no doubt who the audience was rooting for as sweet-faced Jenna(played by Keri Russell of "Felicity" fame) treads water every day, dealing with a loutish, manipulative husband and unwanted pregnancy just when she thought there was an escape route--winning a regional pie baking contest. The only time Jenna was truly happy--at first--was baking and naming pies. Then she starts the required visits with her obstetrician and ends up teaching him to make pies in the same kitchen where she endures such mental and physical abuse from Earl the Lout. I tell you, there probably wasn't a man in the house that didn't envy Dr. Pomatter! To say any more would ruin it for you, so do yourself--and someone you like/love--a favor and go see this film. I predict that it'll be the summer surprise

I love movies, don't you all? And for me, they have to be on the big screen--no DVDs. Although, I suppose others really enjoy the at home experience. Anyway, in January I start trying to see all the Academy Award contenders so I can help decide the Oscar winners. So far this year I've seen about a dozen first runs. Like a good book, the story and characters stay with you, expanding or changing your point of view--or, just as importantly, making you laugh or see beauty. The most memorable ones so far have been: "The Painted Veil", "Last King of Scotland", "Amazing Grace", "Lives of Others", "Sweet Land", and "Waitress". My summer list includes: "Knocked Up", "Oceans 13(haven't seen "11" or "12", but can't resist George Clooney playing the role of "ironic"), "A Mighty Heart"(the Daniel and Mariane Pearl story), and "Talk to Me".

What are we missing? And, tell me what you think of "Waitress."


KittyHawk said...

Ahhh, I love that cute pic of you, Faye! You look perky but also very intellectual!

The review of Waitress makes me want to go see it.

I agree with you on the lesser financed and hyped movies. The independents are much more fun to see. I wish we got the Sundance Movie channel here, but no such luck. When Frankfort's Grand Theater is fully restored in 2008, I hope they'll do a mini-Sundance Festival here and give the Baxter in Louisville and the Kentucky in Lexington a run for their money - and save me some gasoline!

Keep up your blog extraordinaire! Are you sending out notices to potential readers when you update it? Otherwise, we forget to check.

- LW

KittyHawk said...

I just noticed your last question. What's missing?
As a Jake Gyllenhaal fan, what about Zodiac? I don't have the nerve to see it, but thought you might. And what about some of the Cannes winners?

- LW

Faye said...

Hey kittyhawk, I let cute Jakie get out of town before seeing him in Zodiac--it was on when there were plenty of Academy Award options as I remember. You mentioned Sundance and Cannes films--so far I've seen previews at the Baxter for "Paris, Je T'Aime"(it's about luv of all ages, but what's the French mean??). Another one I hope we get to see is "No Reservations" with "Little Miss Sunshine's" Abigal Breslin.

Back to cute Jakie--the other night on Iron Chef the challenging chef was from Austin--he and all his assistants wore cowboy hats and ended up winning the competition because his food was so good that one of the judges said he "just couldn't quit it"!

Sallymademedoit said...

Cute Jakie? Pshaw! What this blogspot lacks is more of a male perspective. Are you out there, Dan? (Sally made me ask that.) I plan to see "Paris, Je T'Aime" soon, now that it's arrived at the Charles Theater (Baltimore's Baxter) and enjoy the screenplay of Maggie...the cuter Gyllenhaal. Review to follow right after kittyhawk's take on "Zodiac".

Beth Wisman said...

OK - first off other bloggers -- how do you remember your password????? I've got so many of them here at the Bureau, I can't keep up with this one too!

Well, on to more important things - movie reviews -- I've not seen Waitress, but sounds like something I'd like. Probably won't get around to it until it comes to a DVD near me. I bought two movies this weekend -- Night at a Museum with Ben Stiller and In Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith. I've seen the Will Smith movie and it's good and i bought the other movie for Michael.

Real question to bloggers is, should I buy a GoldenDoodle?

Faye said...

This is for Beth, the Reluctant Blogger--write them passwords down Girl! Don't let a failing memory stand in the way of getting to mouth off! Personally I've been having to write down both my telephone number and last four digits of SS # every time need to work something out with a non-person customer rep on the phone. Re your movie line up--have seen previews for "Museum" and Michael will be properly wowed. Re "Happiness"--Cesar trained Will Smith's Rottweillers so anything he(Will)does is all good.

Should Beth get a goldendoodle? Sure! So long as you don't mind being #4 in the pecking order and can get a signed waiver from King Leo!

Diana said...

Hey! this is a great idea--blogging, I mean! I know you have plenty to say, and you have always given me much tho think about!

The only movie I've seen lately was Wild Hogs. Larry chose it, and I agreed to go after I saw John Travolta on Oprah! I laughed until the tears came, and, more to the point, Larry, the hard-ass biker who rarely laughs out loud, was also unable to complete a breath! I enjoy movies that make me think, but every now and then, a good laugh is good for the soul.