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Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/25 Fun Monday Signup - Costumes

The Italians really know how to dress up! These glittery, mysterious, and dangerous looking masks were spotted in Venice shops for the annual Carnevale celebration. And now inspiration for this week's Fun Monday assignment, which is:

Let's celebrate Halloween and the pleasures of dressing up by sharing costumes. If you are going to a Halloween--or other costume--party, who would you like to be? I hear Lady Gaga is a front runner this year. Now don't hesitate to play because you're not partying this year. If you were going to dress up, who or what would you be? Or, if you want to share photos of your resident small goblins, that's great too!

If you want to play this last week in October--and I hope you do--just sign up with Mr. Linky and I'll provide an updated list of players in time for Monday blog visiting.


Debs said...

I shall be staying in and watching Downton Abbey on Halloween, however, in days gone by I've enjoyed partying and remember once dressing up as a witch and moaning to my grandmother about how ugly I looked in the wig. "You're a witch," she said shaking her head. "I thought you were supposed to look ugly."

joangee said...

My effort is up and posted.
A different slant on the topic.
Read and you'll find out?

ari_1965 said...

I'll have to think about this one. For the last couple of years I've dressed up the dog only.

Faye said...

debs--I'd much rather be watching Downton Abbey than passing out Halloween treats. Can hardly wait 'til it's showing on this side of the pond.

joangee--I read your post. In the country where I grew up we had something like your Mischief Nights--turning over privys, squashing pumpkins, etc.

ari--Buddha all tricked out for Halloween would be a welcome post.

Julie said...

I can't believe I missed last Monday. We were driving home from seeing the kids and it hit me that I had forgotten. :( Darn.

How hard was it to come up with topics for a month? I am hosting November, and there are 5 Mondays! :)

See you tomorrow!

Faye said...

Julie--yikes,five Mondays! Hosting for a month hasn't been bad except that I haven't kept track of blog buddies who don't do Fun Monday. It will be good to get back to reading and commenting on their blogs more consistently. As for topics, I'd say just make it something you're interested in writing about. Chances are that interest will be shared.

Jill said...

I actually signed up this time before Monday. woohoo!

Julie said...

Hey Faye! Thanks! So I have four topics already figured out. I am on a roll. Now I just have to write them down before I forget them. :)

I posted my Fun Monday post today, then headed over here to see yours and almost fell out of my chair.

You picked Ziva, and I picked Abby!! :)

Gotta love NCIS!