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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun Monday - Election Eve Deep Thoughts

Our host for November Fun Mondays is Julie at Another Chance Ranch . And since tomorrow is Election Day she's looking for our thoughts on the state of the country and what issues are we taking with us to the polls on Tuesday? Now if there's anything that deserves a bit of cynical Maxine humor, it's our current political climate. Here's Maxine's opinion--which I share in too many instances--of our elected leaders:

When I began blogging four years ago, I wrote a lot about politics. Some early post titles included: "W's Turd Blossoms", "Campaign Kerfuffle, Dems 1", "Barney's Office", "Straddlesore", and "Willie Voted Today". You can guess my political leanings from these titles, I think. As I got more into blogging though, I decided that I didn't want to use Summit Musings as a political or religious soapbox. I have too many friends who don't share my views. And since I wasn't interested in debating these issues with them, I decided to take my blog in a different direction, one that encouraged good conversation about many interests. A live and let live attitude, I suppose.

Now tomorrow there are several races--mayoral, U.S. House and Senate--that I care a lot about. In these three races here are my deal breakers and deal makers:

mayoral -- I'm voting for the person who's somewhat smart nerdy and who lists entrepreneur, problem solver, jobs creator, and holder of a world view as his work experiences and qualifications. I'm not voting for the person who believes that lengthy service on the metro council is the best preparation for the job. Nor am I voting for the person who lists "family values" as one of his bona fides. That term is probably code for what I am not.

U.S. House--I'm voting for the incumbent because I believe that he deserves another two years to work on solving our problems--turning the economy around, responsible prosecution of the war, and equitable access to health care. Plus, I gotta love a Jewish guy who digs vacationing in Ireland! I won't vote for the candidate who lists membership in a local megachurch as a qualification or that he is a "family man". Good for him, but we all know how too many self-professed "family men" have behaved in the past. I also won't vote for the candidate who bases most of his own opinions on personal experience. Nor will I vote for the candidate who snipes from behind Nancy Pelosi's Ralph Lauren skirt tails (as in "Candidate X votes with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time"). Come on people! At least tell us what these terrible votes were.

U.S. Senate --I'm voting for the person who has fought to protect consumers, Kentucky workers, and challenged big businesses like oil companies in his current position as state attorney general. I'm not voting for the petulant Crazy Cousin to replace the Crazy Uncle who is currently representing KY in the U.S. Senate.

So, that in a nut shell is what I'll be thinking of tomorrow when Willie the pit bull and I walk to our polling site. I'll tie him up far enough away from the door while I go inside to vote so he won't get into trouble for "electioneering" or trying to trade milk bones for votes. I'm sure he could be more persuasive than a good chunk of special interest money!

Nov. 4 Election Update: Well, it could be worse. My nerdy smart guy got elected mayor and U.S. House incumbent gets to go back to D.C. and offer a voice of compromise when the new posse rides into town in January. On the downside, Crazy Cousin will be replacing current Crazy Uncle in the U.S. Senate. I wonder how long it will take for me not to cringe every time he steps in front of a microphone--or wish he would wear a sign that says "I'm not originally from Kentucky"?


Jan n Jer said...

Sounds like good choices Faye...talk is cheap..lets see if these politicians can make their actions match their words.
BTW love your new profile pic...great shot of you.

KittyHawk said...

Well said. Hope all your picks win!

Lane said...

I don't know about your politicians but I bet Willie could do a far better job than the majority of ours. I'm sure he wouldn't succumb to a milk bone 'bung' if principles are involved.

'Family man' and 'family values' are those stock phrases which make me cringe. Who are they trying to kid.

ari_1965 said...

I did get out and vote this morning. But I sort of ended up voting for the lesser of 2 evils (or five evils--there were a lot of candidates this time). I voted against a certain candidate instead of for a candidate, if you know what I mean.

Votes are so precious. I know that. But it's hard to use them in a precious way when you're not impressed with any of the candidates. Talk, talk, talk, promises, promises, point the finger, point the finger--and meanwhile I still don't have a job.

The Church Lady said...

I love Maxine's point of view! Sounds like you did your homework, Faye. At least we are doing our part and exercising our right to vote.

Qtswede said...

Oh, perfect, perfect cartoon to a great commentary :)

Faye said...

janis--morning after, now they need to walk the talk.

kittyhawk--two out of three. Could be worse.

lane--the depths that politicians can plunge is universal, I fear.

ari--I know, a pox on both houses!

church lady--yep Maxine is crudely on target much of the time. I do try to study the issues and candidates and not let the talking heads make up my mind for me. Frankly it's hard to drink any of their Kool-aid, no matter the flavor!

qtswede--thanks for stopping by. Measured commentary is good every now and then. :-)

Sayre said...

I like the way you think. Unfortunately, most Floridians don't think the same way - we just elected an actual crook who stole from THE GOVERNMENT in Medicare fraud as our next governor!!!!

Faye said...

sayre-unfortunately FL inherited its new-elected Gov Crook from Louisville where he was involved in a big health care scam. Sorry.

Debs said...

I couldn't believe they were having more elections in the US (obviously I know nothing whatsoever about politics). It only seems weeks ago that President Obama was elected. I didn't realize they have mid-terms.

Great new profile picture.

Faye said...

debs-yes, we're constantly in an election cycle in the U.S. We should learn from you Brits and elect all our rogues at the same time. Seriously though, it's a problem because hard decisions are not made--or wrong ones made--because politicians won't jeopardize their re-election chances.

julie said...

Faye, as you know, we are on the same page here. But you say it much better than I do!! Thanks for sharing.