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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun Monday - Winter Weather Arsenal

Ari, who can be found over at Prawn of Fate , is the January host for the Fun Monday meme. For this first week she's chosen a very timely topic: winter weather gear. As we settle into winter, Ari wants a description of the clothing and items we use to keep warm--our winter weather arsenal.

Now Kentucky can get pretty cold. About this time two years ago we had a statewide ice storm that left us immobilized and powerless for over a week. I wished for warmer clothes and even a much snickered at "Snuggie" blanket/sofa jacket to keep warm in my home until the power was restored. That storm was unusual. Temps can get below zero and snow and sleet can move through but not a lot. So, I tend to ignore winter gear except for this lovely Italian wool scarf that Willie is pleased to model in the above photo. :-)

I wear this shawl when sitting at the computer, watching TV or reading. It's just enough to keep the chill away without being bundled up in sweaters and long-sleeved shirts in the house. I throw it around my shoulders to run out to the paper box or when I'm doing quick in and out car errands. I take it with me to a movie or play for just the right amount of warmth. On long trips on buses or planes I like to wrap up in it--my own little cocoon from the rest of the world.

My winter dog walking gear pretty much consists of a turtleneck sweater, pullover hooded sweatshirt and gloves. Oh yeah, I do wear pants--sweats!
My friend Kittyhawk just knitted me a great black 'n white patterned head band which I'm anxious to try for dog walking when it gets a bit colder. This same friend asked recently I even owned a winter coat. Why yes, I do Kittyhawk. However I mostly wear it in Ukraine when holding hands with Count Mucheve!

So that's my short report on winter weather gear. If you're reading this and haven't participated in Fun Monday for awhile or at all, I hope you'll sign up and join the fun. It's just like the Little Engine That Could--just keeps chugging along because we're too fond of it to let go.

Be sure to go over to Ari's blog to check out who's playing this week and see what she has in store for us for the rest of the month.

Let's bundle up now! It's cold out there.


The Church Lady said...

Happy New Year to you Faye! Willie looks so cozy in that stylish Italian wrap! You actually gave me a good idea as I am sitting here at the computer with my icy cold hands. I remember that I do own a Snuggie. That would be perfect for right now......

ok I'm back, Snuggie and all. Much warmer now, thanks Faye!

Sayre said...

Shawls really are very lovely things to have when it's chilly!! They're warm, but not cumbersome. I got one while in Korea that is very toasty!

I don't have much in the way of winter gear, but I do have a lovely wool pea coat that I have NEVER worn because it never gets cold enough here. I hope one day to travel somewhere very cold so I can wear it!

Pamela said...

you are even stylin' when you are cold. ha ha.

Sandy said...

I love shawls and, like you, I tend to not wear heavy coats. I usually just throw on my favorite windbreaker and hurry indoors!

Happy New Year's, Faye

Jan n Jer said...

LOL...after many years of watching those snuggie adds and thinking they were "stupid" I now want one. I get a chill when I am sitting for longer periods of time being cooped up in the house. I also want some Uggs!! or a pair of the knock offs! Winter does not agree with me at all!!! Your shawl looks great on Willie, he looks warm n cozy! Hope 2011 is a great one for you Faye!

Debs said...

Ari looks very cosy.

Grumps usually takes over our sofa blanket, in fact, I don't think I've ever used it because he's usually wrapped up in it when it's cold.

Molly said...

Faye, I hope that you are staying warm today. Your post sounds like the weather does not change your busy life.

For years, I did not own a winter coat but effectively layered when going outside. I love your picture in the Ukraine, it must have been rather cold standing next to Count Muchevel.

Jill said...

We've been wearing winter coats for a while here. We're hoping for a short winter.

ari_1965 said...

Ah, there's Faye over there in the Ukraine fondling strange men again.

I like that photo.

I can't picture this headband you're getting, and why it would keep you warm. I associate headbands with keeping hair in place or keeping sweat of the eyes while playing tennis. You'll have to post a photo of that. Please.

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