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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Photos Challenge Day 12 - Sunsets

30 Day Good Photos Challenge, Day 12 Subject - Sunsets

Okay, I'm puzzled. According to the weather guys our current conditions--heat, high humidity, haze or smoke in the atmosphere, pollution in the west, drought--should produce some colorful sunsets. This anemic pink shot on July 17 is the best I've been able to do.


Sayre said...

But what did it look like to your eye? Was it more colorful than that? Perhaps it was a setting on your camera that washed it out. Sometimes when my flash goes off (without needing to) it will wash out whatever I'm taking a picture of - even if it's far away!

Faye said...

sayre-in my learning curve still working with "auto"--must get beyond, especially with a new camera that is willing to do more if the "pointer" (me) would do homework. I do remember that this sunset was more vivid.

Jan n Jer said...

I think it turned out good! Do you have an editing program with your photos when you upload them to your computer???? I edit just about all of my photos! Keep taking those pics...practice makes perfect!!!

Faye said...

janis-I "doctor" a bit with photoshop elements 7--mostly using "quick fix". Still learning that too.