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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Photos Challenge Day 6 - From a High Angle

30 Day Good Photos Challenge Day 6 Subject - From a High Angle

Yesterday's photo challenge subject was "from a low angle". I used a photo of the underside of this robin's nest which looked like a mop head with all the nesting material hanging down in strings. Today's shot of the same nest in the viburnum to illustrate "from a high angle" is such a contrast--a smooth, tightly molded concave just perfect for protecting eggs in the spring and the bossy little babies until they're ready to fly away.

Photographic license: I added these three fake eggs to the empty nest just for interest. Earlier the nest held three eggs that were robin's egg blue. I had to get on the second from the top rung of a stepladder to get this shot angle. Since falling off a ladder a few year's ago this was a bit beyond my comfort range, but we must make sacrifices for art's sake, right? :-)


Jan n Jer said...

Thats a really good shot...love the composition! You had me thinking about those eggs! LOL! I wonder if your neighbors saw you on the ladder...you are giving them lots to talk about!

Leora said...

Funny - we had a real robins' nest, so I knew the eggs were supposed to be blue! Cool idea.