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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Photo Challenge, Day 6 "Fall Reflections in Water"

After several months of almost no rainfall the little creek in the park where Willie and I stroll each day was almost dry. Now, with the beginning of fall, the water is running again. I was able to capture a few reflections in the water that give hints of the season.

Here blue skies are mirrored in the water, along with the first fallen leaves:

Here I used the watercolor application in photoshop to give the same photo the look of a watercolor painting:
This a quieter part of the creek where fall leaves and branches float in the water:

And then here's the watercolor version:

If you'd like to participate in the Two Weeks in Autumn Photo Challenge--and I hope you do--it's simple. Just grab your camera and take a photo of your interpretation of the day's subject. Post on your blog and then leave me a comment so I can visit you and include your link on the player's list below. Also, since some of the photo subjects may take a bit of planning thought I'd give you a few of them ahead of time.

September 29, Day 7 Subject - "Harvest Moon"

September 30, Day 8 Subject - "Fall Fun"

October 1, Day 9 Subject - "Early Fall Landscapes"

October 2, Day 10 Subject - "Nature Closeups"

October 3, Day 11 Subject - "Autumn Sunlight"

Here are today's possible players:

Pamela @ The Dust Will Wait
Janis @ As Jan Sees It
Joangee @ Musings n Waffle


Thought I'd make this post do double duty as a Watery Wednesday entry.

Want to see some more dramatic "watery" photography? Click here for the players.


Jan n Jer said...

Nice reflection shots Faye...I like the edits you did...PS is fun to play with!

Sayre said...

Pretty! I love the first watercolor application but the second, I think, was too dark. I liked the photograph much better on that one because of the light.

We have a pond behind the engineering school that has been dry for so long it's growing trees. Finally a little bit of rain, but not enough to top the grasses and baby trees in there.

Pamela said...

I haven't started playing with photoshop. I took a class several years ago and came away impressed but doubtful of my skills.

My post was supposed to go off automatically this morning and it hadn't. but is u now. (First time I've set one to go on scheduled time and it didn't)

Faye said...

janis-photoshop is a lot of fun, but I need to be careful and not get carried away with all the bells and whistles. Sometimes--often, in fact--less is more. :-)

sayre-editing photos is somewhat of a crap shoot. I too liked the first edit better. The one thing that I liked about the second was that it reminded me of the painter Andrew Wyeth's colors--I have several of his works and they're all rather dark monotones.

pamela-I use the "timed release" for posts so can write them when I'm in the mood. Last night I almost had your same problem. Had this post timed for 5 PM instead of AM!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Fallen leaves give character to little streams and ponds.


Water in a drop of rain,
Water swirling down the drain;
Water clinging to the trees,
Water filling up the seas;
Water frozen, water free,
Water is the stuff for me!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Fountain of a Famous Man

momgen said...

Cool shots...Happy WW!

Mine is here

jeannette said...

Love the leaves floating in the water. Happy WW:)

Living Life said...

Hello Faye! I love your idea for the Autumn photo challenge. It is this time of year that I especially enjoy taking photos. I do plan to participate soon. Just been busy here. You are really getting alot of practice with your camera and it shows!