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Monday, September 5, 2011

Rooms with a View - Scandinavian Style

Sometimes when you travel alone the hotel rooms you get are not the greatest--often overlooking the parking lot or mechanicals. That's even with paying a hefty single supplement. However, in my tour of Sweden, Denmark and Norway I lucked out at each hotel with these lovely views:

Stockholm, Sweden - the Stadshuset(City Hall) on King's Island serves as a city landmark during the day. It is the site of Stockholm's city government in its Viking-inspired Council Chambers and also hosts the annual Nobel Prize ceremony in it's Blue Room. At night it turns magical when the Tre Kroner (Three Crowns) symbol atop the tower is lit with blue and gold.

Toftaholm Manor, southern Sweden - this family-owned lakeside inn was especially beautiful when the mustardy-yellow color was lit both from inside and out at night.

Copenhagen, Denmark - we had waterfront views of the older parts of the city and could see a variety of small boats sailing past day and night.

Ferry/ship cruise between Denmark and Norway - this is the view from my cabin window as we made our way through the narrows of the Oslo Fjord to Oslo.

Flamsbrygga Hotel, smack in the middle of northern Norway's mountains, waterfalls, ravines and sheer cliffs. Reached by the high elevation Flam Railway.

Hotel Alexandra in Loen, Norway. Set amidst towering mountains on the waters of the Nordfjord, my view was of the lakeside gardens. One afternoon I enjoyed watching some children playing with a white fur ball of a puppy--all were very excited!

Bergen, Norway - my view was especially lovely at night with the harbor lights and red-roofed houses on the hills of Bergen.

Finally, after 15 days away from home and Willie the pit bull, I was very happy to see this view out my plane window as we were close to landing in Louisville!
Best view of all!!!


Jan n Jer said...

Wow...simply gorgeous is all I can say! Bet Willie was soooooooooo happy to see you!!!

Sayre said...

Is that the aurora borealis I see in teh first picture?

Faye said...

janis-yes, Willie was glad to be re-united with his servant--it was rough at the vet's I think. My photos were mostly taken in a hurry since we were in a group and on a bus a lot. No time to fuss--just had to hope for some luck. Note to self--don't wear a striped shirt--reflects real well in bus windows!

sayre-no to aurora borealis--later in season, I think. It got dark very late and the night skies were fantastic.

Debs Carr said...

Wow, such stunning pictures. I've never been to any of these places, but they looks incredible.

Living Life said...

Wow Faye! You certainly did have some stunning views! And it looks like you put that camera to good use! I'm sure you are happy to be home again and with Willie! Looking forward to seeing more pics from your trip.

Pamela said...

ooohs and awwws...