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Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fences - Sunday Morning Garden

Garden 3 on the Old Louisville Hidden Treasures Garden Tour. This garden was filled with whimsy, color, and exuberance--just like the gardeners themselves. Also kind--I had just started this tour on a very hot Sunday afternoon when my camera batteries died. The owner of this garden immediately got out the battery bag--don't we all have one?--and got me back in business. No charge!

When I saw this garden immediately thought of CBS's Sunday Morning show with all it's sun symbols and art. Suggested that they send a photo of their sun fence to CBS.

Another view of the fence:

Colorful birdbath in an annual bed:

Psychedelic mushroom in a bed of purple impatiens:

A cooling koi pond:

Stumpman or Tubhead?

Bullfrog on a log:

My favorite corner--lovely whitewashed metal plaque with Louisville's fleur-de-lis against a sea blue pot:

Another view of the fence with a simple wrought iron trellis:

And finally, a terra cotta sun pot:

There's one more garden I must show you next week and then I'll leave the garden tour alone and go fence hunting some place else. In the meantime, be sure to check out Life According to Jan and Jer for an ever growing list of fence photographers.


Linda said...

What an absolutely delightful garden! Don't leave the garden tour on my account - I have really enjoyed it! This one has some great pieces in it - makes for great photos! Loved the tree stump one!

Beth said...

love the garden. so peaceful & a time to relax & breathe. take care. (:

TexWisGirl said...

a lot of whimsy in that one. almost too much for my taste. but i LOVE the water garden!

Jan n Jer said...

If I had a wood fence in my yard, I would decorate it also. I love whimsy! Great pics Faye!

Riet said...

What a lovely garden, I love it.
You asked how I got to Istanbul, well we made a cruise on the eastern part of the Mediterranean and we visited several countries and cities so also Istanbul and Rome and more.

EG CameraGirl said...

Love these shots showing off this garden. And wow! The owner shared their batteries!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

What a colorful, whimsical garden. My favorite though are the Koi pond and the wrought iron trellis.

Marie said...

I am having a very hard time figuring out what my favorite feature is of this amazing garden! Of course the very kind owner ready with batteries has to be high on the list! That sure was nice! But, as for the features...maybe that gorgeous water feature, or the purple mushroom next to the impatients of the same color, or the architectural relief panel in front of the cobalt blue container. It's all just great!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely AWESOME! I'd love to have a water feature in the yard, very nice... love the bullfrog on a log, too! heheheee

I'd love to tell ya how I edited the 2nd pic of the springhouse, but I honestly don't remember what I did. I do remember that I was trying to hide, as much as possible, that I'd over-exposed the shot, but I just couldn't delete it... I love the texture & the spaces between the stones! If I had to guess, I'm sure I probably used 'Clarify', but I'm not sure how that translates in Photoshop, tho... so sorry, Faye, I should pay more attention to my editing! =)

Hanne Bente said...

Great pictures you show from a garden.
Wishing you a good Sunday :)
Hanne Bente

Pamela said...

That gardener ... what a fantastic end result. Hours and hours and hours of work. And he shares it -- that's even the better part of it all.
My favorite. Has to be the purple toadstool. Really! I would have NEVER thought I would have liked that had I seen it in a shop. My eyes don't always tell my "inner artist" the truth.

NatureFootstep said...

lol, that is a very well decorated fence. :)

JOY @ http://joysjotsshots.blogspot.com/ said...

Amazes me how some people have the talent to make a yard/garden look whimsical and pleasing while I feel mine borderlines or is junky/messy looking. The pictures you have of the tour are beautiful. enJOYing this tour.