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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Campaign Kerfuffle D-1

Now Readers, don't call me out on taking liberties with the English language in what's going to be an on-going post throughout the election season. I know that a "kerfuffle" is a flap, to-do, ruckus, foofaraw, or disturbance. However, for campaign monitoring purposes, I'm using "kerfuffle" to describe an incident or comment made by, or on behalf of, a candidate that's wrong, amazingly stupid and/or humorous. As in "What the kerfuffle was he/she thinking?" or "Why didn't someone stop him/her before he/she stepped in it?"

I intend to be non-partisan in handing out Kerfuffle Awards. Unfortunately, both Democrats and Republicans are regularly in the running for these prizes. So, the first award(that's D-1) goes to Barack Obama on the campaign trail in Iowa.

Scenario: Obama is meeting with a group of Iowa farmers (after an intense session on state fair bumper cars to toughen up for last week-end's ABC Iowa debate). The farmers, as they will, start complaining about the lousy prices they are receiving for the products they raise. So, in a heroic effort to demonstrate that he feels their pain, Obama responds: "I understand your concerns. Has anyone gone into Whole Foods Store lately and seen what they're charging for arugula?"

Come on Barack! Arugula prices??? Me thinks Iowa farmers don't give a rip about the price of exotic salad greens and you should have known that as well. Better if you'd said, "At least I know you're faring better with dairy prices because Michelle really gets hacked at me in the mornings when I forget to put the butter back in the fridge and it melts!"

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Diana said...

I would like to nominate Tony Snow for the R1 kerfuffle, even though he is not a candidate for public office. How many of us would happily do our work for the meager salary of $168,000? I am so sorry that he and his wife can no longer afford to live on his current salary. Could he have been any more insensitive to the average working American?